Wednesday, 9 August 2017

See the new Intel 18-corei9 spec, release date & price

Intel announce  it new core i9 x-series family  at complex 2017, it comes with more cores than the old core i7 HEDT CPU.
The CPU is available in four cores from 12 to 18-cores being the highest of them all, and aim at targeting the desktop market with more power and speed. 

Core i9 speed and performance 

The core i9 in no doubt is about to steal the attention from the much awaited AMD Threadripper, when it comes to performance the CPU plays an important role, it is determine by how much power and speed it can deliver.

Release date.

The four cores chip are ready to hit the market soon, haven reveal the clock speeds and TDP power estimates, the 12-core Core i9-7920X will launched in August 28, while the 14-, 16-, and 18-core Core i9 chips will be available by September 25. 
Though the 18-core Core i9 chip is coming a little early than it previous date,  it was expected to ship in October. 

Intel has announce that all the clock speed in the core i9 x-series family are unlock and waiting to be overclock. 
Below are the summary of the core counts and clock speed of the core i9 x-series family.

 Core i9 
Core i9-7960X: 2.8GHz, 4.4GHz burst 
(16 cores-32 threads) 
Core i9-7940X: 3.1GHz, 4.4GHz burst
(14 cores-28 threads) 
Core i9-7920X: 3.1GHz, 4.4GHz burst
(12 cores-24 threads) 
Core i9-7900X: 3.3GHz, 4.5GHz burst
(10 cores-20 threads) 

Core i9 extreme edition 
Core i9-7980XE: 2.6GHz, 4.4GHz burst 
(18 cores-36 threads) 

Cost of core i9 x-series chip 

The chipset comes with a starting price of $999 to $1,999 in the order of performance. 
The tCore i9-7980X, extreme edition is said to be the most expensive chip  with a high price tag of $1,999.

Also read 
The core i9 chip is made to carry out intensive multitasking job like virtual reality, gaming etc, with the price tag place on it, it goes to shows the chip is not made for everyone, unless you really need to perform some task listed above. 


The new Intel core i9 with 18-cores and 36 threads is faster than 10-cores chip found in the corei7 x-series, and can compete with the new AMD Threadripper,if speed and performance is a priority, don't hesitate to get it. 


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