Monday, 7 August 2017

How to borrow airtime on 9mobile network


If you run out of airtime and want to make an important call or send a text, with 9mobile easy credit service you can now borrow airtime for calls, text or data from 9mobileNg. 

How to check your eligibility status for 9mobile easy credit. 

First, you need to confirm if you're eligible to borrow airtime on 9mobile.
To do this, simply dial *665*3# or send text STATUS to 665

USSD code to borrow airtime on 9mobile easy credit. 
After checking your eligibility status, you can now go on and borrow credit without delay. 

Dial *665*amount#
E.g *665*200# to borrow N200


Text Amount to 665
E.g 200 to 665 to borrow N200

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Note that 15% of any amount you borrow will be deducted as service charge, which means if you borrow N200, you will receive N170 and if you borrow N100, you will receive N85. 

Below are the list of amount you can borrow on 9mobile easy credit. 
  •  50
  •  100
  •  200
  •  500
  •  1,000
You have no cause to worry about, when you run out of airtime on your 9mobile line, simply dial the USSD code to borrow airtime and pay later.